Economic, Social and Political Developments and challenges in IGAD Region Conference Proceedings, October 23-25, 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"The proceeding is divided into seven parts. Part one deals with Foreign Direct Investment. In this part, two papers are presented. Part two is on Food Security in which issues ranging from impact of remittance, regional trade and other relevant issues on food security are discussed in four different papers. Part three deals with Growth and Urban Development in which two papers on growth and another two papers on urban development are presented. In part four, three papers deal on governance all being about Somalia. Part five focuses on Finance. In this part, issues such as financial policy and exchange rate are discussed in two different papers. Part six discusses a wide range of issues including inequality, institutions, policy and development. Four papers discuss on these issues. Finally, issues on climate change and environment are discussed in part seven. Six papers are included in this part. Four papers focus on climate change, and issues on environment are discussed by the remaining two papers."