"The fight against armed groups in eastern Congo continues to be viewed through a military lens, but it would be wise to avoid another ineffective military operation. The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), the UN, the DRC and Uganda should therefore adopt a different approach that seeks to: Formulate an intelligence-based strategy to neutralise the ADF-NALU’s cross-border economic and logistical networks. Include the leaders of ADF-NALU’s support networks, inside and outside the DRC, on the list of individuals subject to UN sanctions for their support of armed groups. Rotate on a regular basis Congolese and Ugandan officers deployed in this region. Introduce a disarmament, demobilisation and integration (DDR) program for Congolese and Ugandan combatants who after investigation are found not to be responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Authorise villagers in the Erengeti and Oïcha areas to resume work on their farms, which was suspended by the military authorities."