Domestic Terrorism in Africa: Defining, Addressing and Understanding its Impact on Human Security

"This report contains some of the papers that were presented at the fourth seminar of the ‘Understanding terrorism in Africa’ series. The seminar, held under the theme of ‘Understanding domestic terrorism in Africa’, took place in Accra, Ghana from 5–6 November 2007. Like the previous seminars in the series, participants from different parts of Africa and from other countries outside the continent met for two days to reflect intensely on how domestic terrorism affects Africa’s development; the linkages between domestic and transnational terrorism; and strategies that can be used to counter domestic terrorism on the continent. Participants in the seminar also grappled with the definition of domestic terrorism, and by its conclusion agreed that domestic terrorism comprises terrorist acts usually conducted by local groups within the state for the purpose of overthrowing a government or achieving local political advantage. This form of violence needs more attention, as it is very common and harmful to African non-combatants. In some cases, African states and their militaries respond in kind."