Diamonds and Human Security

Josée Létourneau

01 Oct 2008

24pages PDF

Excerpt "Starting in 2003, we began to publish standalone Annual Reviews of the Diamond Industry on Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. The Annual Reviews, published in English (all), French (DRC) and Portuguese (Angola) aimed to provide governments, civil society and investors with information that would be helpful in the promotion of greater transparency and more positive developmental outcomes. The Annual Reviews have been widely quoted and have become documents of record on the diamond industries in those countries. For 2008 we have taken a different approach, expanding the project to cover more countries, but producing one report rather than three. This report — Diamonds and Human Security Annual Review 2008 — concentrates on the three countries most seriously affected by diamond-fuelled conflict – Angola, DRC and Sierra Leone – but we have also included articles on countries touched by those conflicts, or where internal controls over diamonds, and where development considerations, remain problematic."