Diamonds and Human Security Annual Review 2008

Josée Létourneau

01 Oct 2008

24pages PDF

"Diamonds are not just symbols of love, fidelity and purity, they are the most concentrated form of wealth on earth, and because of that, they attract problems. A raid on a Damiani showroom in Milan netted thieves as much as $30 million in diamond jewellery in February. That was just one of many diamond heists. If you Google “diamond theft 2008” you will find more than five million articles. It stands to reason, therefore, that conflict diamonds could return to countries where development is stunted and governance weak. That is why organizations like the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) are so important, and why efforts to bring greater transparency to the extractive sector need all the support they can get. The intergovernmental Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the NGOled Publish What You Pay Campaign are key elements in this."