Diagnostic of the Gender Responsiveness of National Monitoring and Evaluation System: Benin, Uganda and South Africa

The AGDEN gender diagnostic matrix was used as an analytical tool to assess the extent to which provision were made and the existence/functionality of mechanism for gender mainstreaming in the National Monitoring and Evaluation plan as well as in the National Monitoring and Evaluation System of each country. The two components were assessed through six pre-identified criteria: i) gender equity, ii) gender budgeting, iii) participation, iv) decision-making, v) evaluation and revision and vi) sustainability. Each of the criteria was investigated through a set of questions that had to be answered from the documents under review and by the stakeholders who were interviewed. The level of performance within a criterion is calculated by the ratio of the cumulative scores given at the level of each question/item of the criterion and the maximum score possible within this criterion. This level of performance is estimated as a percentage and reflects the proportion in which the criterion concerned is considered in the National Evaluation policy and the National Monitoring and Evaluation System.