Design and Analysis of a 1 MW Grid-connected Solar PV System in Ghana

This study is being conducted with the aim of developing a standard procedure for the design of large-scale institutional grid-connected solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems using the roofs of buildings and car parks.The study is necessary because Ghana has experienced a number of power crises over the last two decades, mainly due to the heavy reliance on hydroelectric power which is more often than not dependent on the rain fall pattern of the country. In order for Ghana to ensure secured uninterrupted electricity supply by the year 2020, the existing installed capacity of 1760MW must be doubled. The economy of Ghana must grow at a GDP of between 8-10% if it is to attain the status of a middle income country and these growth rates require significant amount of electricity. The government of Ghana has targeted 10% of the country’s electricity generation from renewable energy and this will come mainly from solar, small and medium sized hydros, wind, biomass and municipal solid wastes.