The activities at grassroots level is profiled in this report where ACORD is involved in practical interventions as well as the growing space that the organisation enjoys as a recognised Pan African organisation. ACORD’s four year strategic programming cycle which began in 2007, was brought to an end in 2010. It opened yet another exciting chapter in our commitments towards finding solutions for the complex development needs of communities in Africa. ACORD’s main focus in its programme orientation in 2010 has been Africa’s food sovereignty – with a more purposeful, practical advancement towards quality investment in agriculture in the context of the Comprehensive African Agriculture and Development Program (CAADP) of the African Union and the Maputo commitment to invest 10% of national budgets in agriculture. This agenda has been proactively pursued alongside the African Union Pastoral Policy which aims at securing better livelihoods for pastoral communities across Africa. Building the capacity of local farmers and pastoralists and their networks in the different African regions was a good reason to remain optimistic.