Defence Transformation: A short guide to the issues

"The insights shared in this monograph emerged from a Southern African context, but the author’s wide experience in other countries has allowed him to present the salient issues in a meaningful way for a wider audience. It is as accessible to learners, as it will be to academics, practitioners and policy-makers. The approaches and lessons learned that are presented have been applied successfully in some Southern African countries and their validity will clearly resonate in other parts of Africa. The monograph begins with a discussion of the place of the military in civil society, and some suggestions about how to conceptualise the relationship. Thereafter, specific issues are discussed in more detail, including:the structuring of forces; the setting of the defence budget, and the best use of the money available; the planning of operations, and the military role in intelligence activities; the conduct and control of military operations if they arise; and the public presentation and justification of defence policy and activities."