Defence Transformation A Short Guide to the Issues

"This monograph is about defence transformation: the process by which nations are adapting their defence policies to the post-Cold War world, and rethinking defence from the ground up. Although it covers issues such as budgets, organisation and accountability, it begins with more fundamental questions about the role of the armed forces and their place in society, and the way in which the defence community makes and implements defence policy, because, in any defence transformation process, these things have to come first. There is no single process called ‘defence transformation’. Every country’s experience and every country’s starting-point are different. But, in almost all cases, transformation has its origins in the decline and fall of the Cold War system, and the consequences which followed from that. The dynamics of the Cold War, although dangerous and illogical,did at least provide the majority of the states in the world with some kind of framework within which to make defence and security policy."