"The basic objective of the study, is to provide a broad stock-taking of the status of the policy frameworks of Botswana, especially with respect to the targets set out in the Memorandum of Understanding on Macroeconomic Stability and Convergence, with a view to providing policy advice to SADC and national policy makers. The study is intended to enhance the SADC Secretariat’s capacity for facilitating SADC integration. The study provides some background information on the various national policy constraints that Botswana faces, which could help to inform better national policy makers in their efforts to harmonise national interests with integration processes. Such information is useful in overcoming local resistance to SADC integration and resolving policy that might thwart integration inconsistencies in the SADC countries. The Botswana country study seeks to identify the main linkages (and causality)between the policy frameworks and their economic and social impacts on Botswana."