Decentralised South-South Cooperation and South Africa’s Post-conflict Support in Africa: What Role for SADPA?

"The notion of South-South cooperation (SSC) has become increasingly relevant to the foreign policy of both developing and developed countries. A distinguishing feature of contemporary SSC is the growing cooperation between sub-national entities of developing countries, including a recent rise in partnerships between sub-national governments (SNGs) of such countries. This policy brief takes a closer look at the upsurge in decentralised SSC, and argues that with sufficient support from national institutions such as the soon-to-be-launched South African Development Partnership Agency (SADPA), cooperation between South African provinces and municipalities and their counterparts in other developing countries could give South Africa the opportunity to deepen its post-conflict and reconstruction efforts on the continent, most notably in the domain of rebuilding state capacity. The brief concludes with a number of policy recommendations."