There exist numerous discussions as pertains to the usage, uptake, and the regulatory framework in place to govern crypto currencies in Kenya. Firstly, the basic information as to what crypto currencies are is an issue that needs more public education. Secondly, how it is used and how it has been embraced by users both in Kenya, across the region and worldwide should be brought to the fore, and thirdly, what kind of framework the regulator – the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), has put in place to govern these types of currencies, and what it portends for its users in the country and beyond. In this view, the Institute of Economic Affairs held a Public forum on ‘Crypto currencies in Kenya’, at which members from the academic fraternity, members of the public, civil society organization representatives, and practitioners in the crypto space in Kenya, were in attendance. This bulletin covers the key issues presented during the forum, as well as the ensuing plenary session queries and feedback from the panelists and participants in attendance.