The youth question in Uganda cannot be more pronounced than the recently concluded elections of 2021. 80 percent of the Ugandan population is 30 years and below. Also, 70 percent of the Uganda voting population is below 40 years. This made the just concluded Ugandan elections a youth-centred election. All major political changes in Uganda have been fronted by the youth. Historically Youth in Uganda have taken part in political protests, riots, others held up arms to kill or get killed seeking change in the country. The just-concluded elections in Uganda brought to light a lot of issues concerning the youths and the COVID-19, bringing a clear interface with issues of civic engagement and social accountability. Therefore, as a COYOQA project, there is a need to deeply engorge in some of the issues and draw lessons for proper youth civic engagement and social accountability for COVID-19. During the election period, there was increased control of freedom of movement and assembly than never before. Uganda just like other states, the government through the Ministry of health imposed serious measures to try to level the curve of the virus. This report highlights the pandemic paradox in an election. The report tries to unlevel and problematizes measures of the COVID-19 situation in an election in a way to come up with learning possibilities of uplifting civic engagement of the youth and social accountability during COVID-19, a cardinal work for the COYOQA Project, in Uganda.