This report provides an overview of the status of science, technology and innovation (STI) in form of country briefs for 19 FCDO priority countries using a proposed set of core indicators that are comparable (regionally and internationally). The country reports are based on the assessment of the Science Technology and Innovation Metrics in Africa research; aimed at developing an integrated set of indicators (scoreboard) that can be applied to assess STI progress and performance in African countries. Through this research we developed 19 country1 profiles to provide policy and decision makers a snapshot of the STI indicators collected and analysed for the period-2010-2019 in their respective countries. The country briefs presents; the general STI outlay and prospects while outlining top 10 best performing indicators in the country; STI indicator categories that are prioritised; country’s progress/trend in data collection of STI indicators; the data gaps/challenges in terms of missing data for the selected countries. The indicators organised in form of individual country briefs are grouped according to the logical framework developed by the research (enablers’ indicators, linkages indicators, input indicators, output indicators and impact indicators). We rely on data and information from the scoreboard developed which sourced data from various scoreboards such as GII, AIOIII, OECD, UNESCO Science report, RICYT scoreboard, and national scoreboard. Other useful databases that we relied upon include the World Bank and UNESCO.