Corruption and the South African Police Service A Review and its Implications

"This paper does not attempt to offer new data on the subject of SAPS corruption, apart from its overview of the new, little known anti-corruption plan. However, there exists no comparable up-to-date synopsis on the subject. Additionally, some data presented here, although collected as part of research by other individuals and organisations, remain unpublished or thinly disseminated. As well as extensive desktop research and an analysis of relevant literature, newspaper articles, official reports,briefings and policy on the subject, interviews were conducted with key stakeholders including experts in the field, members of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD),SAPS strategic management, and the SAPS former Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU). This paper introduces and considers selected details of the new plan and its place in the fight against corruption, so that more attention might be given to it in the future."