Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among SMEs in Cameroon: Entrenching Environmental Conservation within Small Business

"In Cameroon, the practice of CSR is critical in that the important environmental aspects are often neglected by industrial enterprises. Despite the positive impacts of the industrial sector in economic and social development, we should consider its contribution to environmental degradation. This necessitates greater environmental conservation. Indeed, affluent discharges by different industries contribute in an undeniable way to the ruin of the environment. It therefore seems necessary to evaluate the practice of the environmental dimension of CSR (e-CSR) among SMEs based in Cameroon. Such an evaluation would guarantee the protection of the environment, as well as sustained growth of SMEs and therefore, development. This study evaluates the practice of e-CSR by managers of SMEs in Cameroon. More specifically, it aims to analyze the ecological behaviour among SME managers in Cameroon, identify the determinants of the adoption of e-CSR measures in SMEs, as well as the determinants of the intensity of SMEs involvement in e-CSR."