"The conferences which had different themes had one common theme; that is development. The papers presented in this volume fall under three broad themes namely:- Agriculture, Food Security and Health; Culture, Education and Development; Environment, Land Use and Conflict Management. Chapter I examines appropriate issues that affect household food security and nutrition. The chapter further outlines the issues that impinge on the food situation with reference to some African countries. Chapter 2 underscores the importance of urban agriculture in providing livelihood opportunities and solving socio-economic problems. Chapter 3 provides an analysis of a combination of factors that influence reproductive health of women. Section 2 of the book addresses issues under Theme 2. The section consists of eight chapters raising various issues on culture, education and development. Section 3 addresses issues under Theme 3 and consists of three chapters; 12, 13 and 14. The first chapter in this section recommends multifaceted strategies of psychosocial healing and empowerment of the Nuer community on sustainable modes of supporting their livelihood The second chapter under this section focuses on vulnerability of urban wetlands, which are slowly being phased out to give room for industrial developments and urban expansion. The last chapter is a reflection on the land tenure system in Kenya, and how the effects of the tenure system have hindered Kenya's efforts towards poverty reduction."