"The study argues that democracy in Namibia is underpinned by liberal precepts. Liberal democracy and its preoccupation with individual liberties is, however, insufficient in a developing context such as that of Namibia. Sustaining democracy in Namibia depends on building durable democratic dispensations that promote collective interests over individual preferences. The developmental project of the Namibian state continues to be undermined by, among others: • the high prevalence of HIV and the multiple impacts of AIDS;• increasing household food insecurity and deepening income poverty and disparities; and • weakening capacities for governance and for the delivery of social services. The report finds further that the country has managed to design institutions with procedures and practices that are socially rooted in the task of constructing a national democratic system. Namibia has also succeeded in promoting a peaceful democracy and political stability within the framework of constitutionally guaranteed rights, democratic principles, national reconciliation and affirmative action."