Confronting the Proceeds of Crime in Southern Africa An Introspection

"Prevention is intricately connected to the enforcement of the law against money laundering itself. Included under the structure of law enforcement is the requirement to define and criminalise money laundering connected to as wide a range of economic crimes as is prescribed by the various international conventions on drugs, cross-border crime,corruption and terrorism. Measures within this structure are directed at the acquisition of or dealing with the proceeds of crime, as well as giving assistance to the criminal, wittingly or negligently. They also include mechanisms to augment the capacity of the mandated agencies to investigate predicate crimes and money laundering, and that of prosecuting agencies to present cases to court. In addition, antimoney laundering regimes give prominence to the confiscation of the proceeds of crime. The contributions in this monograph examine the extent to which these structures,and in some cases their capacity to perform their assigned role, have developed in the period between 2004 and 2006. In most instances, it is only possible to conduct this assessment against the background of the typical money laundering typologies in the given country."