"This special issue on peacekeeping comes two years, almost to the month, after the release of a report from the panel of experts on United Nations peace operations – the so-called Brahimi Report. In this issue, we look at what progress has been made since this landmark report was released. We also take a snapshot of the current missions in Africa, and ask what major trends and issues could shape the future of peacekeeping in Africa during the next decade. We are extremely privileged to introduce this special issue by way of an interview with the secretary-general of the UN, Mr Kofi Annan. This interview is followed by an article from the current under-secretary general for peacekeeping, Mr Jean-Marie Guehenno.He provides us with an overview of the history of peacekeeping, as well as the major issues being dealt with by the UN at the moment. Over and above the normal updates on conflict resolution, constitutional developments and peacekeeping which are regular features in Conflict Trends, this issue will also report on each of the four UN peacekeeping missions currently underway in Africa." Please note that the cover page and table of contents is missing.