Whether natural, or caused by humans, it is becoming clear that climate change is a reality that will affect the entire globe. Our concern should be for the poorest Africans, many of whom are highly dependent on natural resources for their living. In turn these resources are being affected by the changes in temperature, rainfall, sea levels and ocean acidification as a result of climate change. By not focusing solely on the linkages between climate change and conflict in Africa, this volume takes the discussion further, considering conceptual issues, highlighting key thematic issues of concern for adaptation in Africa, as well as considering case studies, tools and policies for conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change. The book brings together not only the voices of academics, but also of practitioners and policymakers. Part one focuses on conceptual and theoretical considerations for conflict-sensitive climate change adaptation in Africa. Part two of the volume focuses on thematic concerns for conflict-sensitive climate change adaptation, including the effects of climate change and the conflict potential related to Africa’s coasts, oceans and forests. Part three of the volume gives attention to issues related to drought, mobility and migration, with most chapters focusing or including research on the Sahel region. Finally, part four includes three chapters that make contributions to policies and tools for conflict-sensitive climate change adaptation.