Compendium of Case Studies on Natural Resources and Energy in Africa

Africa is a continent of widespread reserves of natural resources (oil, minerals, forests, water and farmland), which can support its economic transformation. Paradoxically, rather than contributing to shared growth and development, rich deposits of Africa’s natural resources have often brought violence and poverty. The situation is worsening with increasing global change that cause depletion of these resources and make African people vulnerable to climate change. Fortunately, some initiatives are being implemented to promote efficient utilization of the natural resources and energy on the continent leading to their increased contribution to socio-economic development. Some of these initiatives have been documented as case studies under the African Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (AfCoP-MfDR). This compendium compiles these products to ensure easier and faster access to the knowledge produced. The case studies are basically related to clean technology and efficient use of energy for entrepreneurship and domestic use. The compendium takes an additional step to analyze the body of knowledge on natural resources and energy sectors, and formulates some recommendations for African countries to ward off the natural resources curse.