Trade forms a basic pillar of the relations between different states worldwide. Kenya has maintained trade relations with the United States of America (USA), as well as with China, which is steadily on the rise in terms of trade on the world stage, and the European Union (EU), which has been, for a long time Kenya’s trading partner. Once a colony of the British Empire, this did not close the link between both countries as trade has been maintained from then to date. From the foregoing therefore, it is clear to see that of the three partner states, China has leapfrogged her counterparts in terms of cooperation with African countries, Kenya in this case in particular. However, it would be important to enumerate the various areas of collaboration that have formed the basis of cooperation, the policies and incentives that each trading partner has offered to sustain this emerging cooperation for mutual benefit, and a host of other areas of collaboration that seem to cement this relationship, as well as what China has done so far to be at the position it is at in terms of trade relationship with Kenya. This against a backdrop of those of traditional trading partners to Kenya, their areas of collaboration, incentives they have offered and how these compare to those given by China.