Community Response to Localization of Sustainable Development Goals: A Profile of Relevant Indicators in Uganda

The SDG are clear on ending hunger and poverty in all forms, achieving food security, improving nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all, providing inclusive and equitable high-quality education and lifelong learning opportunities, reaching gender equality, and empowering all women and girls. Uganda’s Second National Development Plan (NDP) II integrated the SDG. Using the Community Based Monitoring System methodology, we were able to generate information on the SDG indicators to monitor the progress for the localities which were covered. The localities covered were still lagging behind on the implementation of the SDGs considering the number of indicators. The findings of the study can also be utilized to inform planning, monitoring and evaluation of programs at the lowest administrative units, is one way to report on progress toward SDG. There is a need for Government to put in place strategies aimed at improving the standard of living of the people especially for the residents in the rural communities.