Communications Capacity and Training Needs Assessment of African Digital Rights Organisations

The managers of the ADRF thus far indicate that organisations working in the digital rights arena have inadequate skills to effectively and proactively engage the media and to conduct effective public communications. As a consequence, digital rights issues are poorly covered (if at all), commonly with limited depth and sensitivity. Many of these organisations lack skills to develop effective communication products, cultivate sustainable media partnerships, and to generally stay visible and relevant to the media. Besides the media, the digital rights organisations need to be more effective at public communications and at capturing and communicating the impact of their work. Effective advocacy requires effective communication. In order to raise visibility of the importance of changing any given policy, it is necessary to tell stories and show how that policy impacts real people’s lives, and why that matters - in this case digital rights. This report summarises the findings of an assessment of the media relations capacity and communication training needs of these ADRF grantees. The findings will inform the development of a curriculum and training resources on impactful communication, remote support and training during 2021 and beyond.