Climate Change and its Impacts on the Feasibility and Sustainability of Small-scale Systems of Agricultural Production in Communal Areas and on Farms Transferred through Land Reform

This paper is intended to provide context and support discussion on the potential impacts of climate on small-scale farming systems in South Africa and the resulting socio-economic impacts, including in the context of black smallholder farmers in communal areas and on farms transferred thorough land reform. The paper includes detailed consideration of the potential socio-economic impacts of climate change on smallholder and small-scale commercial farmers at four pilot study sites (Matzikamma and the Western Cape; Greater Tzaneen and Limpopo; Sakhisizwe and the Eastern Cape; Inkosi Langalibalele and KwaZulu Natal) and the associated local value chains/commodities (including livestock products, subtropical tree crops, sugarcane, vegetables and fruit).