"Rwanda is pioneering steps towards a climate resilient green economy. This publication summarises CDKN’s partnership work with Rwanda to date, highlighting key achievements and signposting further information.In “Rwanda: Pioneering steps towards a climate resilient green economy” the Rwanda Government’s awareness of the economic risks and opportunities of climate change for sustainable socio-economic development has led to the development of a climate strategy and the establishing of an environmental fund. “A national Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy” proposes ways to integrate adaptation and mitigation actions across all sectors of the economy, focusing on the socio-economic development and future prosperity of Rwandans. FONERWA – the largest demand-based climate fund in Africa is a national fund through which international and domestic climate finance can be managed and it is intended to be the primary vehicle through which Rwanda’s climate and environment finance is channelled, disbursed and monitored. The last article “From planning to implementation: Lessons from Rwanda’s success” describes actions taken to retain the climate change successes."