The first article in this newsletter is an interview with Stephen King’uyu where he expresses the hope that the statement ”Green future beckons for Kenya” will be true as he and many of his compatriots draw breath at the end of an intensive, year-long consultation to develop Kenya’s National Climate Change Action Plan. “Climate information exchange” is an initiative in eastern Kenya supported by CDKN’s Innovation Fund to bridge the information gap between climate scientists and those who most need to make use of the science: agriculturists in disaster-prone districts. In the article: Integrating sustainable urban drainage, sanitation, biogas and food security Vientiane is at a juncture in deciding how it will deal with the serious impacts of its drainage water: wastewater causes pollution and health issues within the city as it is not properly treated, and its discharge damages aquatic ecosystems downstream. “Climate change should be squarely on Latin American policy agenda” is looking at the deficit in implementing public policies on climate change in Latin America, and the issue is marginal on politicians’ agendas, according to Peru’s Minister of Environment, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the keynote speaker at a regional forum organised by the Latin American Platform on Climate, Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA) and CDKN in October. Keeping Anguilla’s lights on—with clean power describes the result of high electricity costs and an inability to pay resulting in many homes being disconnected and businesses had to close. The Government of Anguilla has faced an outcry from residential and commercial customers who want more sustainable alternatives to ‘business as usual.