"Countries emerging from conflict are typically confronted with a wide range of urgent demands to build and sustain peace. They need institutions that are sustainable, as well as responsive and accountable to their citizens. Yet, these countries are often faced with critical shortages of civilian capacities and resilient institutions, which are needed to avoid a relapse into conflict. This report serves to provide an overview of the proceedings, discussions and outcomes consultation. It outlines how the consultation focused on the partnerships that need to be strengthened between the UN and its partners in Africa for more effective, demand-led civilian capacities to assist countries in the aftermath of conflict. Key to this issue were discussions on the strategic objectives of strengthened partnerships and their importance to the global civilian capacities initiative. In addition, the consultation facilitated critical debate and insight on the varied capacities that member states possess, and the ways in which these capacities can be best integrated and applied over time. Particular attention was paid to the UN’s online platform, Capacity Matching (CAPMATCH), and how member states can utilize this resource to provide essential civilian capacities to post-conflict countries in need, or request such capacities as needed.'