"Access to reliable and affordable electricity is critical for poverty alleviation and the improvement of livelihoods, including in the areas of education, health, and industrial development in Africa. However, a combination of factors, such as climate change, insufficient investments, slowness to adopt energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources and damage due to war and conflict, have contributed to very low rates of access to electricity, as well as irregularities and shortages in electricity supply across many parts of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). At present, only one in four is plugged into the grid and as little as 10 per cent of rural populations in SSA have access to grid electricity. The aim of this is to establish the potential in the China-Africa relationship to address chronic energy supply-side deficiencies in African economies. The paper focuses on solar energy in Kenya, gives a picture of Chinese involvement in the sector in Kenya and also provides a view from local companies on China's involvement."