"This event focused on three areas: ● China’s changing role in the global economy and the impact of this on African economies, as well as on development in Africa generally; ● the role of natural resources and wildlife in China-Africa trade, including opportunities for diversification away from a natural resources-based economic model; and ● issues of governance, peace, and security. The event aimed to shift the discussion towards an increased awareness of the complexity of the relationship between China and Africa, and the potential benefits of their ongoing interaction. In particular, the event aimed to highlight how African countries can actively engage with China to promote their growth and development. Key messages from the event: ● Changes in China have created a wealth of opportunities which African countries could take advantage of in order to transform their own economies, and to transition from natural resources-based activities towards more value added activities such as manufacturing. ● China and African countries can learn much from each other, and could engage in SouthSouth cooperation both in the private and public sectors. ● Strong collaboration between China and African countries means extending the focus of relations to include issues such as wildlife conservation, peace and security. These issues need to be dealt with in coordination with existing African initiatives to ensure that they complement national and regional objectives."