Children and Vulnerability in Tanzania : A Brief Synthesis

"The intention of this paper is to highlight the key issues of children and vulnerability in Tanzania. This study underscores the importance of understanding local and circumstantial factors which determine the extent to which communities, households, children will be affected by the combination of chronic stress (generalised insecurity, HIV) and shocks (incapacitating illness, sudden loss of income). The study confirms that the combination of HIV/AIDS and other stresses is having a calamitous impact in Makete, while Bukoba Rural has generally managed to absorb much of the stresses associated with HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a major reason for crisis in Makete, when it is taken together with a range of compounding factors and the absence of strong organised support is overwhelming, and may well be mirrored in similar communities where the proportion of children who have been orphaned is high and community organisations do not have capacity to provide the requisite support."