Challenges to Social Services Delivery in Zimbabwe Resettlement Areas

Challenges are outlined in this paper as to the provision of basic social services in resettlement areas in Zimbabwe. Areas that are investigated are particularly schools and adequate health facilities. The process of resettlement will also be discussed. This process took place rapidly and with little planning. Research was conducted in Midlands province in Vungu and Tongogara districts, in Kushinga, Lukhuluba and Zhaugwe wards. Research findings explore the dynamics of the new settlements and how political and ethnic cleavages have contributed to the challenges of social service delivery. Schools in these communities are in very poor condition, and health facilities are dangerously distant. Community members must walk long distances to and from schools and clinics. Conflicts therefore arise often in the competition for and use of these services. In summing up these challenges, the paper highlights the conflict potential of the failure of service provision in the fragile and polarized communities living in resettlement areas. The goal of this analysis is to assist district authorities, line ministries and others working in resettlement areas to ameliorate the shortcomings in social service delivery and promote the wellbeing of resettled communities.