The Challenge of Prioritisation and Alignment in Public Sector Planning and Implementation - Literature Review

The aim of this research is to undertake a literature review focusing on two areas: Approaches, processes and tools that could support more effective plan prioritisation and budget alignment; and The utilization of monitoring and evaluation systems and information to support better prioritisation and alignment. This paper is made up as follows: the following section (Part 2) presents a summary of the main findings of the literature review, highlighting the main lessons that can be learned. Part 3 comprises the detailed literature review – what are the approaches, processes and tools that have been used in other countries to improve prioritisation and alignment, and how relevant are these for the South African challenges? What is the role of M&E systems in these? It includes a short case study covering one particular approach to prioritisation – that of participative governance. Part 4 considers in brief the particular characteristics of the South African planning environment that impact on the ability to achieve perfect prioritisation and alignment in planning and budgeting. This contextualisation is key to the interpretation of the findings of the literature review.