Côte d’Ivoire: Continuing the Recovery

"Six months after the end of the post-electoral crisis, Côte d’Ivoire must consolidate its return to stability and plan for long-term stability. The return to economic growth and the government’s efforts to improve governance should be recognised but this will not be enough to ensure a last-ing peace. The authorities would be wrong to think that the long political-military crisis is over. Unless the welcome message of reconciliation is translated into action, unless there is representation of the political opposition in the country’s institutions, unless a justice system worthy of the name is created and unless the security forces are at the service of all citizens, the same causes will have the same effects. Exclusion will be followed by tension and then violence. The defence and security forces have been the source of all the troubles experienced by the country since December 1999, when a coup overthrew President Bédié. Security sector reform is urgent and must begin in 2012. This must be a priority of Alassane Ouattara’s presidency. If it is not conducted firmly and openly, the armed forces and the different groups within it will continue to promote insecurity in the short term and instability in the years to come."