Burundian Civil Society Organisations and the Monitoring of Development Effectiveness: Capacity, Structure and Engagement Framework for Government, Donors and Civil Society Organisations

The purpose of the research is to study in detail the environment (legal, economic and political) in which the Burundian civil society is operating as well as Burundi's compliance with its international commitments on CSO development after the fourth High Level Forum in Busan in 2011. The study also intends to identify opportunities and constraints of all kinds related to this environment, its involvement in setting priorities and government policies. The research was conducted in the aftermath of the fourth High Level Forum in Busan where all stakeholders in the forum reaffirmed the essential role of civil society in development and hence its importance in participation in the process of monitoring the effectiveness of aid. The study will focus on changes generated after the forum, the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness, the Istanbul principles, existing national or regional dynamics, mechanisms of access to information on development policies (CSLP, Sectoral Policies etc) This study thus seeks to provide answers to these questions. It will end with a series of recommendations particularly aimed at strengthening existing efforts and frameworks of partnership between CSOs, donors and government in monitoring the effectiveness of development aid, sanitation of the legal and socio-economic environment, as well as strengthening potential national, regional, or international synergies for improved aid effectiveness.