Excerpt: "Despite progress in implementing a peace agreement with the Party for the Liberation of the Hutu People - National Forces of Liberation (Palipehutu-FNL), the last active rebel movement, Burundi is going through a dangerous political crisis which could compromise the holding of free and fair elections in 2010 and the country’s future stability. The return of rebel leader Agathon Rwasa to Bujumbura and the 11 June 2008 signing of the Magaliesburg agreement are important steps forward in the Burundian peace process. However, FNL disarmament has barely started and the issue of the integration of former rebels into state institutions and security forces remains unresolved. In this context, the absence of dialogue between the government and the main opposition parties is harmful to the country’s governance. Local political actors and international partners of Burundi urgently need to assess these risks and revive the national political dialogue."