Building an Independent Parliament the Creation of Rules of Procedure for Private Members Bills & the Creation of the Office of the Parliamentary Draftsman

"Under the Fourth Republican Constitution, the Governance Structure that was created envisaged the separation of powers through the three principal arms of Government The Executive, the Legislature & the Judiciary - each playing very specific roles. The activities of the three arms of Government are all aimed towards ensuring the maintenance of checks & balances; and the continued democratic governance of the Country according to the Rule of Law and in a manner that is responsive to the economic, political and social needs of the people of this Country. In this arrangement Parliament has been vested with the legislative power of the State which is to be exercised in accordance with the Constitution (Article 93 (2)). The purpose of this paper is to look at the manner in which parliament currently exercises its legislative function and the opportunities it has for expanding and enhancing its exercise of legislative power so as to make the institution more responsive to and relevant to the economic and social development needs of the people of Ghana."