Building an Effective Advocacy Movement for Sustainable and Equitable Agricultural Development in Africa An Analysis of Smallholder Agriculture, Policy-Making And Advocacy In Ghana

"On October 2009, the Government of Ghana pledged to fulfil the commitments laid out in the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP II) and Sector Plan agenda in a new Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) compact. Among other things, the compact affirmed Ghana’s commitment to increasing public investment in agriculture to at least 10% of her national budget. Another important pledge is to improve agricultural productivity to reach an average annual growth rate of 6% by 2015, while paying close attention to small-scale farmers, especially women. Under the compact, oversight and coordination of the implementation of the above partnerships will actively involve stakeholders such as CSOs, the private sector, trade unions and agricultural bodies/ associations. However, the national context within which participation of smallholders is to be achieved or organised is not clear. In particular, a framework that provides for the participation of smallholders in national policy making is not apparent. In addition, the forms of mobilisation (for example, organisations) responding to the challenges confronting smallholders in Ghana have not been adequately analysed."