Building an Effective Advocacy Movement for Sustainable and Equitable Agricultural Development in Africa Agricultural Policy-Making in Kenya

"This study examines the historical and current performance of the smallholder sector in Kenya. It analyses some of the strategies smallholders and their allies have forged to respond to the diminishing government budgetary allocations to the sector since the 1980s. It addresses several questions. What policy and other factors currently work against the sustainable development of smallholder agriculture in Kenya? How have the smallholders responded to these challenges? Section one examines the national profile of smallholder agriculture in Kenya. Section two describes the methodology used for data collection and analysis. This is followed by a discussion of key issues in smallholder agriculture and the nature of government interventions in the sector. Section four analyses the nature of agricultural policy making in Kenya. Section five deals with the state of contemporary policy advocacy, it does so by looking at the responses of farmer organisations to the changing fortunes of agricultural development in Kenya. The final section constitutes recommendations and concluding remarks."