Breaking the Conflict Trap in Uganda: Proposals for Constitutional and Legal Reforms

"This policy briefing paper is aimed at identifying key constitutional issues that would inform the constitutional reform process facilitated by civil society organizations in Uganda. The paper benefited from the input of civil society leaders who spent one and half days in a workshop at deliberating about Uganda’s legal, constitutional and political challenges that need to be addressed in order to deepen democratic governance. This working paper proposes key constitutional reforms for discussion by civil society leaders to pave way for a national constitutional reform process. This initiative is proposed to feed into and influence the proposal by the President to amend the constitution. While the President’s proposal seeks to deny bail for murder, rape, treason, defilement and riot suspects, this process is intended to facilitate a progressive, broader, participatory and inclusive constitutional reform process that will address the country’s democracy deficits, resolve political conflicts and widen the democratic space for political processes in Uganda."