Brazil's Maritime Strategy in the South Atlantic: The Nexus Between Security and Resources

"The recent discovery of significant deposits of oil and gas in the pre-salt layers off the Brazilian coast has triggered new interests and concerns within the South Atlantic geopolitical space. The prospect of tapping into those maritime resources on a commercial scale, combined with the rapidly changing complex of actors in the area (including a growing presence by other emerging powers from outside the immediate region), has prompted a re-framing of South Atlantic concerns within Brazil’s new national defence strategy. Concrete efforts related to this strategy include a security build-up, military co-operation with Africa, legal initiatives, and the deepening of military co-operation, especially with African countries. Domestically, the government has launched efforts to promote a ‘maritime mentality’ among the Brazilian population, generating support for its new approach to the region. Brazil’s new South Atlantic strategy has enhanced the relevance of African security issues for Brazil and is helping to reshape power dynamics in the South Atlantic."