Botswana Parliamentary and Local Government Elections 16 October 2009

"This report provides the assessment of the Technical Team of these elections, and includes its observations and analysis regarding pre-election, election and post-election phases. The report also provides the Team’s conclusions and recommendations. The Team arrived in Botswana on Friday 9 October 2009 and was accredited by the IEC on 12 October 2009. The Team then set up meetings with various stakeholders,including domestic, regional and international observer teams that were present in Botswana. It also reviewed media reports on recent developments concerning the electoral process. The above points notwithstanding, the Team concluded that, based on PEMMO, the 2009 parliamentary and local government elections in Botswana were free, as they were conducted in an environment which did not prohibit the Batswana from exercising their right to vote. As stated above, however, there is some room for improvement, and the Team’s specific recommendations are provided in the last section of the report."