"This Report is aimed at two immediacies. The first is for it to serve the purpose of an instant aide memoire for the Colloquium participants. The second is to disseminate information about the Colloquium further afield. The Handbook is organized in six main sections. The first, presents the overview of the overall outcome of the Colloquium. The second section provides information about basic assumptions, rationales and operational dynamics. In the face of the non-inclusion of the papers in this Handbook, the third section is aimed at providing very short summaries of the contents and the thrusts of the debates that continue into the follow-up Group Discussions. The fourth, flows from the plenary debates and, more especially, the focused discussions and conclusion of the four Working Groups. The fifth is aimed at providing some concluding remarks on the future of the dialogue between border studies and border policy-making. The sixth and final section provides the reader with a list of Appendices and the indication of the IPSS archives as the direction in which those keen on more details and fuller information may reliably turn."