Border Governance for African Integration: Progress and Challenges

This Report focused at two immediacies, of which the first is, to be an instant aide memoire for the Colloquium participants. It is, in this regard, intended to keep the subject of the Colloquium alive and assist participants to remain engaged with the networking that has been initiated at the event. The second is to disseminate information about the Colloquium further afield. The Handbook is organized in six main sections. Firstly, the Introduction, presents the overview of the overall outcome of the Colloquium. The second section, the Colloquium Organization, provides information about basic assumptions, rationales and operational dynamics. In the face of the non-inclusion of the papers in this Handbook, the third section, Plenary Presentations, is aimed at providing very short summaries of the contents and the thrusts of the debates that continue into the follow up Group Discussions. The fourth, Policy Recommendations, flows from the plenary debates and, more especially, the focused discussions and conclusion of the four Working Groups.