Biofuels Investment and Community Land Tenure in Tanzania: The Case of Bioshape, Kilwa District

"The main objective of this report is to examine the outcomes and impacts that arise from the withdrawal or bankruptcy of a large-scale, land-based investment in Tanzania, and to use this evidence to draw insights for policy and practice around local land rights, livelihoods and investments. This is done by presenting a detailed case study of Bioshape’s investment in Kilwa District, which includes a brief description of its original objectives and business model; its acquisition of land and initiation of operations; its impact on local communities; and the reasons for its eventual failure and abandonment. Ultimately, the study compares the outcome of Bioshape’s investment with original expectations at different levels in Tanzanian society with the actual impact on local livelihoods, land rights and the Tanzanian economy. The report examines these outcomes in relation to the design and performance of the investment, and provides informed recommendations for improved land tenure and investment policies in general."