"The overview of the impacts and achievements of the MDGs gives a mixed picture. Some countries and regions have done better than others, with some goals achieved, others partially achieved and others not achieved at all, and in view of the current economic crisis and environmental disasters, shrinkage of resource flows from the developed to the developing world is imminent. This will make it difficult for those countries that are lagging behind in obtaining resources to help them to achieve some of the MDGs. There is a high likelihood that these will be among the developing countries, including Africa. The question that appears to trouble these countries is: ‘What will replace the MDGs?’ In analysing this question, this brief evaluates Africa’s vulnerability to the shrinkage of resources that had been allocated for development through a grand world strategy such as the MDGs. In the post-2015 development agenda, Africa expects to play a critical role in areas such as agriculture, which has the potential to reduce poverty and hunger."