Attitudes to Firearms The Case of Kwa Mashu Tsolo-Qumbo and Lekoa Vaal

"The research presented in this monograph aimed to outline indicators of firearm penetration and attitudes to firearms by looking at three case-study areas: Lekoa-Vaal, Kwa Mashu and Tsolo-Qumbo. The three communities in these case studies were chosen because they are historically, socially and economically disadvantaged, with serious crime and firearm-related problems. It was felt that 'softer' case-study areas would negate the applicability of the findings to the purpose of the research: the resolution of firearm accumulation. Through gaining a better understanding of some of the dynamics at play in the case-study communities, the researchers hoped to determine whether there would be willingness to reduce firearms in the community; and what the community would be willing to do to address firearm proliferation."