This study endeavoured-, among others, to identify progress made by the milestones set in the Somali Compact and the Rule of Law Joint Program with its goals of Peace and State building through the federal government of Somalia and the member states. The program aimed at improving the security and justice sector through the strengthening of the capacity and accountability of state security institutions to respond to gender-based violence (particularly sexual violence and exploitation) and other forms of discrimination against women. The program also aimed at the establishment of a well-resourced unit within the Federal Ministry of Justice (MoJ) that would review all existing legal frameworks and ensure their coherence with the Constitution and international standards. In this respect, this study aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the situation of female police officers across Somalia. Police officers are the first state officers to respond to the occurrence of sexual and gender-based violence, human trafficking and other forms of violence against women and girls. Increased number of female police officers in the police forces would positively encourage survivors to report their experiences of violence and receive relevant services and referrals to medical, psychosocial, legal and economic assistance. More specifically, this study on female police officers in the police force in Somalia highlighted the need to understand gender issues within Somali society to address the particular needs of women, men, boys or girls within the policy for security programmes.